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The Best lawn mower 2018 – My Top Picks

Here you can find my top picks for the best lawn mower 2018 currently on the market. Currently, I only have a few different ones selected, but please check back in the future for updates and additional recommendations!

Lawn mower 2018 Buyer’s Guide

When you’re trying to find the best lawn mower possible for your garden, you can often feel like you’re running a marathon. That’s why I’ve put together this buyer’s guide. It’s here to help you find your way around the confusion and select the lawn mower out there for the special little ones in your life.

What to look for when buying a lawn mower.

How to choose the best lawn mower?

The very first thing that you must take into consideration when buying a lawn mower for your garden is exactly what they are suitable for. Regardless of how price will be, it really won’t matter if your budget covers the price or no.

There are three core factors you must care before buying lawn


*- comfort

*- performance

*- durability

Be sure that speed control system and the handlebar suite you, the manufacturer backs of the lawn mower must guarantee the machine

What type of lawn mower do you need?

The lawn mower that satisfies your need is your choice, your needs differ than mine, so you must decide

Are you looking for a comfortable lawn mower with adjustable height handles, Self-propelled petrol mowers with key easier   or you can use heavy models that have to be pushed around

Are you looking for a model that can whizz through long grass in a large area or quickly be tidying up a small patch?

Are you looking for lawn mower used for large garden or maneuver around trees and ponds?

Are you looking for a tight lawn mower for small Storage space or you have large space

After clarifying your needs here are some lawn mower examples

  • Petrol rotary lawn mowers

these mowers are very good for mowing around trees and obstacles.

It is very useful for mowing large area and rough grass. But it is heavy and difficult to maneuver the price start from 150$

  • Corded electric rotary lawn mowers


Available in many brands like Honda,  Flymo, Bosh. the corded electric lawn mower is your choice if you looking for easy to use a lawn mower and can tackle along and damp  grass

but it is expensive options and you must have extension cable because the cable tend to be tangled

  • Hover lawn mowers


Light and inexpensive some collect the grass in box bag another doesn’t, this lawn mower easy to carry and store but have bad finish in the lawn price start from 50$



  • Cylinder lawn mowers


Really designed to keep regularly cut, are ideal for a short, fine lawn it cut like scissors so leave a very good finish on a lawn, this lawn mower doesn’t collect the grass clippings well and you have mown regularly and adjust blades and keep them sharp

  • Robot lawn mowers


If you are looking for comfortable lawn mower work for you and rest on the sofa then robot lawn mower is your choice set the mower up programme it so will lawn your mower in schedule time machine can detect the edges and size of your lawn, you can use your smartphone app to control and set up machine for some model.

This is very easy to use even you don’t need to empty the grass but this is very expensive

What size lawn mower do I need?

Before you answer this question you must know The very first thing that you need to look at when selecting the best lawn mower is Garden Size

You must factor in your garden size, the lawn mower for garden up to 600 square meters

Is differ for this that suitable for garden up to 1000 square meters

Also, factor in your garden is it flat or hilly. Is it empty or crowded with trees or any obstacles to mow around?

You can select Self-propelled lawn mowers for making light work of larger gardens, Petrol lawn mowers for a garden that has trees or obstacles and riding lawn mower for the larger garden to do cutting in style

You’ll struggle to maneuver it in tight corners if you used the large mower for a small lawn

The better size you choose the excellent work you will gain

Blade width is the factor of the lawn mower size; the large blade is the large machine and can cut more grass per pass

  • Small lawn cut from 30-34 cm it is under 50 sqm
  • Medium lawn cut from 35-40 cm it is over 50 sqm
  • Large size lawn mower cut over 40 cm width it is over 150 sqm


What lawn mower features do I need?

batteries:- lithium-ion battery becoming the standard type of battery is less weight than NiCd batteries and lifespan is longer

*-Grass collector to collect the grass it is plastic box clipping in the mower the big one is the best to collect more grass and there is some model tells you when it is full.

*- lawn mower cutting height is the height lawn mower will cut above the ground.

Adjusting each wheel, in turn, is more difficult than single height adjuster; look for a minimum cut of around 13mm If you want to cut a fine ornamental lawn.

*- Long switch allowing you to save wrist strain as it uses both hands to switch mower on

A double-switch is also a good option.


With that out of the way, let’s look at what you should be looking for to make certain that your garden will get the most benefit from whatever lawn mower you choose to purchase

If You Have Questions, Please Ask!

There you have it. This is a definitive guide for selecting the best lawn mower. I know, it can be a bit much to take in all at once.

If you have any questions about a specific lawnmower, I’m here to help.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us over at our Contact Page, or leave a comment on any of the posts or reviews on the site.

I’m here to help as much as I possibly can by showing you some of the best lawn mowers that are out there for the garden. Thank you once again for visiting the site, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future!