How to choose the best lawn mower?

How to choose the best lawn mower.

Well, if you’re reading this so you’re another lover of the green color because as we all know spring is coming and that means it’s the most suitable time to take of our gardens more than any other times, so welcome and let’s have a common talk.

If you’re a farmer or you have a garden in your house whether it’s a small or a big one, you will have a bad need to buy a LAWN MOWER, of course you know the important of it for your garden,

it helps you to keen the beautiful view of your garden as if it’s a peace of the heaven, also it keeps your garden clean and empty from the insects, but the problem is how to choose the suitable lawn mower for your paradise and how does it work!!

Here, in this article best lawn mower guide will help you to choose the suitable Best lawn mower 2018 for your garden according to some points, such as the width of your garden whether it is small or big,  whether it is self-operated or manually operated, Is it cordless lawn mower or riding lawn mower ,or whether it works by fuel or electricity, whether their financial status, they are poor or rich.

So, how to How to choose the best lawn mower?

*- The first point: the size of the machine.

*- The second point: how it works? Manually operated or self-operated.

If you have a small garden in your house, you have to think about the small ones of the lawnmowers, so you can use it in an easily way, the small ones could be manually operated or self-operated,

but if you have a big garden or a farm or you’re dealing with a public park so you have to buy the big one and it should be self-operated to your comfort.

*- The third point: mechanism of operation of the lawn mower, fuel or electricity?

–  The fuel operate machine: the most important thing in this lawn mower is that it’s very strong, this kind of lawn mowers can work in the big gardens, farms, and in the public parks,

also it has a flexibility in motion, but it has some disadvantages  such as: it’s not healthy for the environment, it causes an air pollution because of burning the fuel,

it makes a lot of noise maybe your neighbors will kill you because of it, also it needs to be cleaned continuously and to change the filters and the oil for the engine.

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The fuel operated lawn mower has an internal engine with a range of 1.5 to 6.75 KW. You can start it by pulling the hand pull wick in it.

The electric operated lawn mower : the electric operated lawnmower works by the electric whether it’s wired or wireless, this makes noise less than the fuel operated ones,

it works by connecting its wire with the electric source and this leads to give them a narrow limits to work in so it’s suitable only for the small gardens, also the wire can be cut under any reasons and the machine will stop working after that.

There is another kind of the electric lawnmower, it works with a battery, the scientists consider this kind of lawnmowers as a friend to the environment but it’s a little bit expensive and this is the only disadvantage of it.

 The best  lawn mower 2018 examples

here you can find best riding lawn mower 2018

  •  The best self-operated lawn mowers for hills:

 Honda 21 HRS216SKA

The best lawn mower for small yards is Honda 21 HRS216SKA, I guarantee that Honda can’t be beat, it had everything you can dream of in a lawnmower, it’s self-operated, fuel operated machine with a powerful Honda GCV190 OHC engine, it can easily start, it has a great advantage that it can work on the wet grasses, it has another advantage, it comes with the ability of adding another blade, the blade is grasped with two bolts so it gives it more security.

It a disadvantage, the speed is already settled, you can’t increase the speed so you may have to wait a little longer to finish your work.

  • Best lawn mower for small yards:

 140CC 20-INCH

This is a fuel- operated lawnmower, so it’s strong, unlike the other fuel-operated machines 140CC 20-INCH  doesn’t make a lot of noise, also it’s an economic al machine, you can finish all your garden with it twice with one tank of gas, also it’s very light and small you can store it anywhere.

The disadvantages of it, it faces a problem with dealing with the long grasses so you have to use it continuously otherwise you will get crazy.

  • Best small riding lawn mowers:


This is for steep hills, it’s a self-operated fuel lawnmower, it’s for small hills,

TROY-BILT TB330 has a tri-action cutting blade, it can reach a maximum speed of 3.5MPH, it’s fantastic, and you can also adjust the height of it so it becomes more easy to use.

Unfortunately, if you’re not a beginner or you aren’t searching for a cheap lawnmower you won’t love it, because all the four wheels are at the same size so it’s not really the best for steep hill but according to its features we can consider it as one of the best.

  • Best lawn mower for money:


It has 5 levels of high positions, it has the speed, and 16-inch 40V CORDLESS LAWNMOWER battery is 4.0 AH included 25322, in 45 minutes your job will be done.

It’s not a self-operated.

We have more a more detailed essay about the advantages and the disadvantages on every product, if you want to know more about every one, please visit Best Reel Lawn Mower Reviews 2018

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